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While at play, we create a happy, safe and challenging environment where every learner can achieve her or his full potential.

Ons “kleinskooltjie” word gekenmerk aan sy huislike, liefdevolle en sorgelose omgewing waarin elke klein maatjie die geleentheid gebied word om te ontwikkel en te verbeter sodat elkeen hulle eie volle potensiaal kan bereik. Ons koester die uniekheid van elke kind en glo dat alle kinders die potensiaal het om te leer.

Our play-based, child centered program reflects the integration of physical, cognitive, social and emotional areas for the holistic development of the child.  We believe that the brain’s favourite way of learning, is through play. It is not about smart children, it is about happy children who have the confidence and courage to learn and pursue the things that matter most.

Pre Primary


Gedurende Januarie 1975 is die eerste Graad R’e, seuns en dogters, by Hoër Meisieskool Paarl verwelkom. Die historiese huis, Zeederbergstraat nr. 10 is die tuiste van Hoér Meisieskool Paarl se Voorskoolse Sentrum. Die skool moes deur die jare gedurig uitbrei. Tans huisves die Voorskoolse Sentrum vier klasse vanaf 3-jarige ouderdom tot en met ‘n Pre-Primêre klas wat as voedingsbron vir ons Laerskool dien.

Pre Primer beskik oor ‘n saal waarin verskeie buitemuurse aktiwiteite, soos ballet, gimnastiek en ook groot motoriese kinetika klasse aangebied kan word. Ons is trots op die ryke geskiedenis van die Voorskoolse Sentrum en is baie dankbaar vir Mevrou Sibelle de Villiers wie die gebou nagelaat het aan die skool. Tydens die 140 jaar feesvieringe is die gebou na haar vernoem.

Many parents of our current learners also attended our Preschool. We find that incredibly special. It is such a privilege to witness the Girls’ High Magic in our little building full of rich tradition.


Die Graad R’e volg die Kurrilulum – en Assesseringsbeleidsverklaring (KABV) kurrikulum en die ander klasgroepe volg ‘n ouderdomstoepaslike kurrikulum wat aansluit by die KABV van die Onderwys Departement.



Free play inside
or outside
Morning ring
News, Bible story, songs
Creative activities
Pack up time
Snack Time
Outside Play Time
(pack up time)
Educational Play Time
Story, rhymes and music
Getting ready
to go home



At Paarl Girls’ High, we strive to create a happy and challenging environment where each individual can reach her full potential. Learner wellness is one of the key elements to reach this goal. We deliberately create space in the curriculum and in the timetable to focus on the improvement of the learner’s wellness by teaching the learners important skills. We believe that when practising healthy habits daily, to attain better physical and mental health, learners will instead of just surviving, start thriving.

Wellbeing:  a state where children can meet their learning potential, cope with normal stresses and are connected to others.

A culture of wellbeing is prioritised across the whole school community. Positive social norms and behaviour are built between our staff and our students.  A sense of belonging and inclusivity is woven through everything the school does.  It is a whole-school approach.  This help students to:

Flourish in their education journey
Use positive approaches to manage their behaviour, fostering a range of strategies
Develop empathy for others and understand relationships
Grow their social and emotional skills and the confidence to be themselves
Build resilience – this is the ability to cope and thrive in the face of challenges
Measuring a child’s wellbeing is important because all children deserve to be happy







These help the learners to find balance, build resilience and boost mental health.

Choice Theory

1. The 5 basic needs

Love & Belonging





The Choice Theory was developed by Dr. William Glasser. It explains human behaviour based on internal motivation.  It suggests that all our behaviour is chosen as we continually attempt to meet one or more of the five basic needs that are part of our genetic structure. 

2. It is important for the little ones to identify their emotions/feelings and be able to label it.

Labelling emotions are powerful and transformative. This helps us to uncover and identify the emotions driving almost all behaviours – the emotions that, once acknowledged, seem to miraculously solve everything else. The best way to deal with negative emotions is to observe it, without reaction and without judgement. By labelling a negative feeling we consciously replace it with a positive, compassionate and solution-based thought.

3. The window of safety

All behaviours lead to consequences, instead of punishment.

Red car decisions
Stop, re-think

Green Car decisions
Well thought decisions

4. We choose our own behaviour

The 4 wheels represent a person’s total behaviour.  For our car to move, the 4 wheels must move together.  The back wheels represent things that come as a result of our front wheels.

Transform to perform


Transform to perform (T2P): This strategy is an integrated approach by the WCED, developing a values-driven mindset of self belief and values within all role players (learners, teachers, parents and officials, including leadership and top management) in the province.

The WCED believes that the shift in self-belief, values and mindsets, should result in improved behaviour and performance by all stakeholders – not to mention improved results!

At Paarl Girls’ High we focus on:

  • Enhancing the mantra of the WCED: Enter to learn, leave to serve
  • We teach the little ones that we can fill our own buckets by filling other people’s buckets
  • Students learn to demonstrate how kindness, compassion, and respect are so important in our classroom, school, and world. Students will understand that the positive things they do for others show respect and will no doubt come back to them. Students will also understand that when they are unkind to others, they hurt themselves as well.

Uitreik / Outreach

It is important that children from a young age learn to be involved in the community. They need to grow an awareness of people’s needs and how they can help/contribute.

Die Voorskoolse Sentrum is jaarliks betrokke by die volgende projekte:

  • Skryfbehoeftes word ingesamel en aan ‘n skool geskenk waar daar ‘n behoefte bestaan.
  • Ongebruikte leesboeke word aan skole waar daardie behoefte bestaan, geskenk.
  • We host invitational sport days to which we invite less privileged schools to join us.
  • Tekkie Tax en Loslitdag
  • Besoek die plaaslike ouetehuise, sing liedjies en deel drukkies uit.

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