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Our dedication to excellence

Paarl Girls' High is a place where students have the opportunity to embark on a unique learning journey and where they can reach their full potential.

Our school offers dual-medium education for all grades, with a focus on excellence that is complemented by equally superb art and sports programmes.

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Mariana van Zyl

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True leadership demands complete subjugation of self, absolute honesty, integrity and uprightness of character and fearlessness and, above all, a consuming love of one’s people.


Since 1876

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pre-primary school

Our play-based, child-centred program focuses on holistic development by integrating physical, cognitive, social and emotional development. We believe that the brain’s favourite way of learning is through play.

At our Pre-Primary it is not about being smart; it is about being happy. We aim to equip our happy learners with the confidence and courage to learn and pursue the things that matter most.

primary school

Our Primary School is relatively small and can accommodate one class per grade. This creates an environment where most teachers know all the learners and parents very well. Knowing each child enables us to support learners better and to form important partnerships with our parents.

Our foundation phase classes are presented daily in dual-medium giving learners exposure to their additional language, so they can use and understand both languages with ease.

high school

At Paarl Girls’ High, we stand for academic excellence! Concurrently, it is equally important to us that each individual reaches her full potential, whatever that may be.

“Happiness is the reward of virtue.''

At PGH, we give our attention to the full potential of a child, since a child with a happy heart, is one who performs well in all areas.


The heart of every new daughter that ascends up our beautiful hostel staircase is usually filled with a combination of uncertainty and excitement. Our hostel parents view it as a privilege to partner with parents.

We see your daughters through the eyes of you, their parents. Realising in full that they are each unique human beings, we strive to contribute to each individual’s confidence. We want your girl to know her self-worth, have the strength to chase her dreams and know how truly, deeply loved she is not just by you, her parents, but also by us.