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Ampliora et Altiora

Larger and Higher

Our Story

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Our dedication to excellence

Paarl Girls' High is a place where students have the opportunity to embark on a unique learning journey and where they can unleash their potential to be the best they can be.

All our schools offer dual-medium education, with a focus on excellence that is complimented by equally superb art and sports programmes.

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Mariana van Zyl

Line in Green
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True leadership demands complete subjugation of the self, absolute honesty, integrity and uprightness of character and fearlessness and, above all, a consuming love of one’s people.



who we are


Our story

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where it began

Situated at the foot of the well-known Paarlberg, you will find our two stately ''old Dames'', the Paarl Girls' High school and hostel buildings, both comfortably furnished with modern facilities.

During September 1874, it was decided that Miss Elizabeth Barker's school for young girls would close down. The Paarl Boys' High committee subsequently decided to establish a girls school.  And so, on 17 January 1876, the ''Meisjies Hoogere School'' opened its doors in the building that is situated on the corner of Zeederberg Street and Zeederberg Square.  Elizabeth Barker was the first principal, with Miss Buchanan at the temporary helm thereafter.

By July 1880 the school building was completed and inaugurated on 26 July of the same year. Since then, every teacher and principal made their unique contribution to the character of the school, which continues to echo in the daily dealings of every girl attending Paarl Girls' High.

Ampliora et Altiora (larger and higher)

School vision

To create uniqueness through unity and education.

School mission

To create a happy and challenging living environment in which each individual can achieve their full potential with pride.

What it means

  • We create → we make an effort
  • Happy living environment → we would like all learners to experience fulfilment
  • Challenging living environment → we set high standards
  • Each individual → we treat all learners fairly and in the same way
  • Full potential → we help learners to set personal goals

school song / skoollied

Weg van die Paarl as jare verby is, met vreug sal ons steeds daardie dae herdenk.

Van arbeid en spele tesame deurlewe en die verlede sal skatte ons skenk.

Van jare se vriendskap van vriende wat weg is, van harde gevegte gewen en verby.

Heerlike, jeugdige drome sal sterwe maar skooltyd se dae sal altyd nog bly.

Hou hul hoog, hou hul hoog, hou hul hoog, hou hul hoog, hou hul hoog!

Laat ons vrolik hul toejuig, hoera!

Vir die Hoër Meisieskool van die Paarl.

Hou hul hoog, hou hul hoog!

When we`ve left Paarl in the far distant future, with pleasure we`ll think of the days that are gone.

The work and the games that we strive at together, all will remain in our memories long.

The years with our friends who have long since have left us, the fights with our foes, now forgotten and past.

Dreams of our girlhood we`ve left far behind us, but years spent at school will be always the best.

Follow on, follow on, follow on, follow on, follow on!

Let us give them a long loud, hoorah!

For the High School for Girls Upper Paarl.

Follow on! Follow on!

Listen to our school song


the nautilus

One of the first items you will purchase when you learn that you will attend Paarl Girls' High, is a blazer. To wear it with pride, it is important to know the significance of and meaning behind the school badge.


These are the Latin words in the white scroll attached to the dark green shield. It means ‘Larger and Higher’ - words that highlight the reason we are inspired to emulate the lifestyle of the Nautilus. To turn away from things that are small, mean, foolish and unworthy and to follow what is true, pure, honest and just.

The shell pictured on the dark green background between the letters G and H is the Nautilus, a well-known shell that is often washed up on rare seashores. The Nautilus is the home and shelter of a small and defenceless sea organism. Inside the Nautilus, the sea organism is safe and grows every day until it is strong and ready to leave its shell. This symbolises the life of a Girls’Higher at Paarl Girls’ High School:

She will be protected until she is ready to leave the shell.

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