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Dear Residence Children and Parents,

It is our privilege as foster parents to fill the place for parental homes. Every new girl who walks up our beautiful hostel stairs' hearts are usually filled with a combination of uncertainty and excitement.

It is a challenge to suddenly move out under parent wings.

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Phil & Lurene du Plessis

Bella Aurore Hostel

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Lourinda Theart

The Annex Hostel

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Maré Bosch

Christopher House Hostel

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bella aurore hostel for grades 8-9 & 11-12

They say home is where the heart is, but we, the sisters of GHS hostel prefer the statement: The heart is where the home is. It is in fact the only explanation for the 176 hearts situated beneath the oaks in the heart of Paarl.

Most of these learners are weekly boarders who are originally from the Western Cape, but we also have learners who come as far as Namibia, who are quarterly boarders.

The residence parents, Phil and Lurene, have been the residence parents since 2016 and are full of fresh plans and ideas. They both have a long association with the school, with Lurene who was a teacher at HMS Paarl and Phil who served on the school's Governing Body for several years.

In recent years, Lurene has also operated the school's Boutique and knows virtually every child in the school. They have 4 children, of which 3 daughters, were from grade 8 - 12 in HMS Paarl. They plan on the principle on which the residence is built and which has been established for years, viz. maintain respect, self-discipline, loyalty and caring and further develop yourself.

The grade 11 & 1 2 learners are accommodated in double rooms and grade 8 & 9 in groups of 5 to 7 per dormitory. We have prefects who are responsible for the well-being of the learners and to make sure everyone is happy and follow the rules of the hostel. Boarders may hang their own curtains, which increases the homely atmosphere of the hostel.

the annex - grade 9 hostel

The demand for residence accommodation has increased drastically in recent years and a plan had to be made quickly to accommodate more children.

The music rooms at the back of the residence were converted into an annex in 2016 and it is now home to 27 grade 10 girls.

christopher house for grade 10

In March 2020 a developer approached the school regarding the possibility of building additional hostel accommodation. The proposal was for him to put the building up and for the school to manage the property.

After the lockout time it was discussed with the governing body, contracts were signed and the ball wasset in motion and on 2 May 2021, all the Gr 10 residence learners in the new building moved in. The group has formed close bonds of friendship that they can carry through their last two school years.

It has been a memorable couple of months. Much fun was had, many hours were spent behind books, Covid disrupted the rhythm at times, and the girls learnt to adapt and make the most of every opportunity presented to them.

We believe this is another step towards creating a school that will continue to make adifference in the lives of all the individuals who pass through our gates.

Christopher House Hostel

virtual tour of the bella aurore hostel

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