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Ampliora et Altiora

Larger and Higher

Girls' High Magic


What is the Girls' High Magic?

A Girls' High Magic, that is not thanks to wizardry, prevails within the school.

It is because everything we have thanks to those who came before us, makes it our privilege and duty to accept ownership and to leave it as a legacy for the next generation.

It is our responsibility to learn from our mistakes and to use that insight to ensure history does not repeat itself. Our history and tradition steer our decisions to a better future. It doesn't matter which skills, knowledge, abilities, qualities, education or opportunities we acquire - it is what we do with it that makes the difference.

It fills us with pride to hear that Girls’ High is really a well-balanced, excellent, competent institution – not because they always win, but there is always the belief. that we can Our girls are able to communicate in a multicultural world and across varied types of teams.

Academic achievements at Girls’ High don’t merely reflect intelligence but also what we call “non-cognitive skills”, such as perseverance, good study habits and the ability to collaborate - in other words - conscientiousness.

Personality counts. Economist James Heckman says:

''A personality trait, marked by diligence, perseverance and self-discipline even correlate with financial success.''

That is one of our most important responsibilities – not only to lay the foundation for financial independence but to develop each girl’s personality into conscientiousness.

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